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Member Testimonials

"My prior degree in game development had a heavy focus on the software skills needed to create games, and I felt unqualified to start my game company.  Core Labs gave me the guidance and confidence to run my business, and provided the network of mentors and peers I would need to make my game succeed."

-Diane mueller, visual out

"Core Labs expanded our perspective on the games industry. Before the program started, we knew we had a great game in our hands, but we didn’t know what we could do with it. Besides the amazing support from Anthony and the GSVlabs team, we had access to mentors with a lot to share, like Tom Kalinske and Jeff Burton. It is an opportunity to learn, make incredible connections, and share experiences with other game studios."

-Marcelo Faria, Mopix Games

"Core Labs is a great experience. They offer you insight on running your company for the gaming industry. You are able to be connected with mentors that offer guidance for your game and game company. I have learned a lot from Core Labs that will continue to help me on my gaming entrepreneurial journey."

-Jeffery Thompson, Illapu Productions

"Being in the Core Labs Game Accelerator gave us the opportunity to be in much better place market-wise. It gave us visibility into Silicon Valley that would otherwise be very hard to obtain, especially being from Brazil.
Anthony coached us in how to use this visibility to expand our network and to make contacts that are allowing us to plan our game's launch at a whole different level. It ended up being great for us!"

-Sebastiao Liparizi, Overpower studios

"Anthony and the team at Core Labs have been a great help in connecting us with the right people and companies to take our game, Failure, to market. We built relationships with companies such as Razer, NVIDIA and Intel which will help with the credibility of our game and have gained some insightful support from other Core Labs partners including Ray Mazza (Ex-Creative Director at Maxis, Sims 4) among several others. The business knowledge we have gained has been a great help in planning for the future of Dream Harvest up to and beyond the release of our first game."

-Justin French, Dream Harvest

"Core Labs was an amazing experience! They did everything in their power to fully equip me with all the tools and knowledge required to build a sustainable game company. I feel better prepared and very confident about my ability to move my company forward towards success thanks to Core Labs!"

-Jon malave, MijiKai Games

"Core Labs is like a second education in games business. The program will test you at times but you will come away with a greater understanding of yourself and your games. I was lucky to have met some talented people who have helped me grow as a developer and whom I can look to in the future for support." 

-Sorob Raissi, Spread Shot Studios

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the program

24 weeks - Online

Quality game development takes a long time. That's why Core Labs runs for 24 weeks, which is twice the length of standard accelerators.

20-30 Startups

Core Labs  will choose the 20-30 most promising game development teams to run through each class.

1 Mission

The goal of Core Labs is simple: help game developers understand and master the business side of game development.





The perks

Weekly LearninG Sessions

Guest industry speakers will give their insights and expertise once a week on various crucial topics.

ProfessionaL Services

Need to incorporate and set up a company bank account? We can walk you through step by step.


Our large network of mentors (ranging from developers to CEOs) help guide you to success.

 Game & Company Reviews

Get valuable feedback on your game, revenue model, business plan, pitch deck, and more.

Exclusive Network

Grow your professional network via Core Labs developers, mentors, publishers, & partners.

Visit Silicon Valley

If you come to Silicon Valley to network and explore during the program, use a free GSVlabs desk.

The Facilities


GSVlabs is an esteemed co-working space and incubator for Silicon Valley startups. You get dedicated desks for your team.


Enjoy the many recreational amenities of GSVlabs, ranging from ping pong to sand volleyball and, of course, video games.


Get away from your desk and get in some  workout time at our complimentary fitness center right on campus.

Mentor Network

Bing gordon

CPO and General Partner, KPCB

Bing served as the CCO at Electronic Arts for over 10 years and is now a General Partner at KPCB, a top-tier VC firm.

Tony tamasi

SVP, Content & Technology, NVIDIA

Tony heads up the gaming acquisition team at NVIDIA, and he wants to bring more developers to the NVIDIA SHIELD.

Jeff Burton

Co-Founder, Electronic Arts

Jeff is a seasoned entrepreneur and gaming industry mogul who will serve as a “gaming fellow" on-site for Core Labs.

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Our Team

Anthony Palma


Anthony founded Core Labs after struggling to get his own game development startup off the ground.

Tom Kalinske

Advisory Board Member

Tom served as CEO of Mattel, Hot Wheels, SEGA and Leapfrog, and he wants to help more indie developers find success.

Diane Flynn

CMO, GSVlabs

Diane is a marketing and networking wizard with a background in gaming from the early days of Electronic Arts.

Meet the rest of the GSVlabs team that supports Core Labs

Do i qualify to apply?

Type of Game

As long as your target audience is core gamers, we’re open to virtually anything not X-rated.

Target Platforms

We don't discriminate based on platforms. VR, mobile, consoles, desktops, etc. are all fair game.

Team Size & Availability

Team size isn't an issue, and as long as the head of the company participates, that's fine with us.

playable prototype

We require you submit a playable prototype or "vertical slice” of your game when you apply.

Target Launch date

While not a requirement, we’d prefer games launching within 6-12 months of starting Core Labs.

physical location

Core Labs proudly accepts game development startups from anywhere in the world.

Participation terms


$0 To participate

Everything in Core Labs is provided at absolutely no up-front cost to the developers accepted into the program.


‍5% revenue share of your game

We'll take a 5% revenue share from the game you bring through Core Labs, which motivates us to push that game to succeed.



Optional: 2% equity in company

If you'd like to boast your Core Labs participation on your Cap Table for future investors, we'll take an optional 2% equity stake in your company.

Sound awesome? What are you waiting for?

Photos from Class #1 Demo Day